Natural Dentistry

Top Tips for Caring for Your Teeth the Natural Way

17/03/2014 14:34


Those of you who think that you need chemicals to fight gingivitis or tooth decay might want to think again. In fact, there are many other ways that you can try when taking care of your teeth that won't have anything to do with using harsh and often harmful chemicals. There are natural ways to treat dental care nowadays. Here are some aspects of natural dental care that you should all know about.


Oral hygiene can be done through herbal natural oral care products. Several herbs have an antibacterial property that can help keep your breath smell better. For the desired effect, rub these herbs around the base of your gums.


Using tee tree oil is a great way to fight bacteria and maintain oral hygiene. Simply add a couple of drops of tea tree oil to your toothbrush when brushing your teeth. As a result, your teeth will feel cleaner and more invigorated. Green tea is one of the best natural therapies for dental problems. In the past, people use green tea to rinse their mouth daily. You can also benefit from the antioxidant properties of green tea as they can help boost your body's immune system.


Another effective natural therapy for oral hygiene is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is also known for its ability to boost one's immune system. You can also avoid plaque and tooth decay thanks to vitamin C. You can also fight off common illnesses like cold and flu by taking vitamin C. This added benefit can only be acquired by taking Vitamin C.


Another natural dental health for your teeth and oral hygiene is through the use of baking soda. Your teeth and gums can benefit from the antibacterial properties that baking soda has. You can apply baking soda while brushing your teeth. When doing this, the soda must be thoroughly moistened. Also make sure that you don't press the brush too hard. For better results, try to rinse your brush in food grade hydrogen peroxide before using it.


There are several ways to take care of your dental health that only involve using your common sense. Obviously, it is a must for us to brush our teeth every time we finish eating. You will be surprised at how much flossing at least once daily can do for your teeth and gums. Oftentimes, food particles get stuck in the spaces between our teeth. To get rid of these food particles, you can either swish water between them or use an oral irrigating machine. Last but definitely not the least, replace your toothbrush if it is already six months old as their effectiveness will start to deteriorate over time.